Did you ever notice that treadmills in English prisons in the early 1800s were used to control prisoners’ behavior? Nowadays, treadmills are used for health issues. Due to that, people’s main reason why they use treadmills is staying fit.

Humor and history in areas of England and North America where the weather was better than in other areas, runners did most of their training on treadmills this winter. Let’s think for a second! Do you really assume that running and training are the same things? Do you need any adjustments to make the two indistinguishable? What are the advantages and disadvantages of running?


The difference between running outdoors and running on treadmills is that there is no wind resistance inside. Riding creates the ability to overcome wind resistance. Researches show that a treadmill should be tilted. Scientists have found differences in load variables such as knee extension and knee flexion.

Advantages of Running on a Treadmill

advantages of treadmill

The obvious advantage is to have an excellent workout or to protect yourself from damage if the road surface is disadvantageous or if it is too hot/humid (for brevity, in this short article, we will not discuss other problems related to heat any further). Taking risks on your ankle due to icy roads is not worth it at all. Can you speed up when you slip and slide? Treadmill running does not always mean you have to share the road if the sidewalks are not clearly visible.

Running makes it easy for you to simulate a racing course. Adjusting the tilt can help you practice. For people who have used a treadmill, it can mean that there is no need to organize childcare for training.

Disadvantages of Running on a Treadmill

disadvantages of treadmill

Some of the disadvantages are physiological, other psychological, or emotional. Less stimulation can make it difficult to control and influence the emotions that accompany a career or the degree of one’s work. In a 2012 analysis study, healthy runners overestimated their treadmill running speed by 32% (in fact, they actually ran slower than they thought). If you do most of your training on a treadmill, you don’t understand. You don’t understand the art of finding the rhythm and keeping it, and maybe it’s the skill.

Running in difficult (but not harmful) weather conditions makes you mentally strong. If it rains a lot or it gets cold when you run, you feel like you’ve learned it yourself. If you have not experienced these conditions, you are more likely to maintain a psychological disadvantage and be “out of it”.

When you are exhausted from maintaining concentration, another disadvantage of training is that you don’t have to learn. Riders who have slowed down in the last forty races will regain speed. If they were tired, they wouldn’t be able to sneak through to the end. When they emptied out, their pace slowed down to maintain concentration. In this sense, the tendency to slow down does not mean that the race day is working.


Running can help maintain a high level training program when circumstances are not conducive to training or are harmful outdoors. Over-dependence on the treadmill can interfere with the skills you create and want to perform. Make your choice then!