It is very difficult for those people who have been weed lovers for a long period to admit that there are many side effects associated with it. Such people believe that it is only marijuana that makes them feel high. There are situations that kind of people will not even listen to any criticism to related to marijuana. The truth is that weed not good for your health, and you need to put efforts towards stopping it. Here are some of the benefits that you will get if you choose to quite the consumption of marijuana. You can also get to learn about how long edibles stay in your system.

Improved breathing system

cherryWe all know that breathing system is one of the most hit parts of the body when it comes to the smoking of marijuana. If you are already experiencing a problem with your breathing system, then that is a sign that you should quit smoke marijuana. The first weeks of quitting marijuana, your lungs will begin functioning efficiently and will get that extra energy that you have been missing. Like you already know, oxygen is very important when it comes to the generation of body energy that is needed for effective functioning.

Proper sleep

Having a proper sleep is very critical to ensuring that you lead a healthy life. Studies that have been carried out in the past shows that marijuana has a negative impact on your sleep. It said to depreciate the quality of your sleep. Most marijuana users experience restless sleep. This is because the drug tends to interfere the REM cycle that is necessary complete rest and also dreams. Those who quite the usage of marijuana tend to record good sleep and complete rest. This is important as it makes the functioning of the brain more efficient.


Thinking about having your kids? Well, that is a perfect idea. You, however, need to understand that you need to take care of your sexual health if you want kids. Marijuana has been known to decrease the sex drive of the users. It can also cause infertility. The studies that have been carried out in the past shows that people who use marijuana are less likely to get kids when compared to those who do not use. If you quit marijuana, you can be sure that your sex drive will return in just a few days of quitting.

Memory and learning

berriesIt has been proved beyond any reasonable doubts that using weed negatively affects your memory and learning. People who smoke weeds will always record poor performance when it comes to classroom matters. This is because the drug tends to negatively affect the brain.