When do you need to pay a visit to a dermatologist?

  • Treatment of stubborn acne that never disappears with the over counter products.
  • Moles or Skin discoloration that grow, darken and raises above the skin could be an incidence of cancer of the skin.
  • If you want to treat deep, thick or raised scars, then visit a dermatologist for a laser treatment.
  • Cellulite and stretch marks require a visit to a dermatologist for an improvement. Most of the cosmetic companies market their products which may not work for you.

Why is going for a mole removal of benefit to you?

facial maskSome discoloration may be confused for normal moles. If the discoloration increases in size, darkens and raises above the skin surface, it might be cancerous. This is why you need screening and removal.

Which kind of mole removal technique is right for you?

This depends on the kind of the mole. Is it big or small? Is deep in the skin or not? Is it raised above the skin or flat? If it is a small mole, you will need shave excision. Here, skin is made numb, and the mole cut out. For deep moles, minor surgeries are done whereby the moles are removed with their roots. Some healthy skin surrounding them is removed.

Should you be afraid of any risks from mole removal?

There can be some risks which depend on the method that is used. For instance, a scar may result from a shave excision. These scars are insignificant and may fade away as time goes by.

Who can get acne?

skin cleansingPeople from different races and of different ages can be affected. It is a more common condition in the teens and young adults. 80% of all people in the age bracket of 11 and 30 years have breakouts at one point. As some people approach their 30s, acne starts to disappear. This condition may even go on for some individuals even in their 40s and 50s.

Does lack cleansing cause acne?

The cause is sebum that blocks skin pores making bacteria grow within the pores resulting in inflammation. Acne is therefore not caused by a failure of cleansing. Scrubbing the face very regularly and using harsh soaps will only worsen the situation.

What can you do about acne?

All you can do is to improve and control the breakouts. If it is a mild acne, you can try over-counter products that contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. If it is a severe acne, consult your skin-care professional or dermatologist. Prescriptions can be oral medications or topical treatments.

How long can your acne take to clear?

How long it will take is subject to the harshness of your acne and the consistency of your medication or treatment. The argument of many specialists is that you should show improvement within the first six months and most of them agree on this.