Baldness is a prevalent phenomenon. It is not confined to a particular culture, race, or stigma, but rather is a global issue. Hair loss is not as uncontrollable, but extreme baldness may need appropriate medical treatment. There are several causes of hair loss, and various elements can contribute to extreme baldness. The following are various contributing factors of hair loss. Click here to find more about reasons and treatments for hair loss.



The most typical of all types of baldness problems is androgenetic alopecia, which explains the predisposition to baldness. Genetic predisposition, along with androgenic hormone prevalence and aging, plays an important role in producing baldness.

Major Illness

When someone undergoes chemotherapy, they end up with enormous hair loss, and in almost all cases, it so incurable. Also, surgery can be the main cause of hair loss.

Hormonal Dysfunction

Hormonal disorders can play a major role in premature hair loss. Many women experience hair loss problems during pregnancy, as well as during the pre and postpartum periods. This is all due to a hormonal imbalance in the body.


Some medications can promote hair loss. However, in almost all cases, this can only be temporary. When you stop taking certain medications that promote hair loss, the problem diminishes.

Psychological Factorsstress

Anxiety is a major part that stimulates hair loss. Researches show that if an individual has no obvious facets that can lead to baldness, but suffers from anxiety, he or she may have a hair loss issue. Also, psychological disorders can lead to hair loss, such as trichotillomania.


Several kinds of fungal diseases can induce baldness. Particularly in children, hair loss usually occurs due to fungal diseases in the scalp area. Nevertheless, this issue can be cured with antifungal remedies.

Internal Health Hazards

In such cases, baldness is considered one of the first warning signs of these diseases. Therefore, if you lose your hair without a clear reason, it is always recommended that you do not forget about the problem and immediately contact experienced health professionals.

Improper Hair Care

Suppose you stop pulling your hair until it when using roller too late and before it causes a scar in the scalp area, there is a chance that your hair will grow back naturally. Nevertheless, if your head has a scar, then there is a greater possibility that the hair will fall out permanently in the scarred area. Chemical methods related to perms, known as “perms,” can induce acute hair loss in several people, resulting in discoloration and swelling in the influenced areas.